Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gymnastics Rec Meet

Today was the End-of-Semester Gymnastic Rec Meet (ie. not competitive). It was a chance for the girls to show off the skills they have learned over the past few months. The seating was crowded, but I plopped myself down on a comfy gym mat and melted into it for the next 2 hours. Nick fell asleep on me (thankfully, because he was cranky), Lexie sat next to me, and Tori stayed in her car seat for 2 whole hours without making a peep (and she was awake!). She is an amazingly good baby - it only took 5 tries to get one :)

I really wish that I was able to get better pictures, but a combination of factors (poor lighting, no flash photography allowed, and a 2 yr old clinging to me) led to a bunch of blurry shots. These are the best that I got.

I was very proud of the girls and how well they did. Ellie got 4 blue ribbons and Kate got 1 blue and 3 red! I think that Ellie is going to have to move up a level to be challenged, but I desperately wanted to keep the girls in the same class (for my sake of course). We'll see what happens...

Kate was nervous and sat and chewed on her nails almost the entire time - such a bad habit!! I suppose I will have to get her to stop somehow. She does it without thinking though. (see the top photo - I have about 10 of them with her chewing her nails!)

And now, it's a relaxing couple of weeks off from dance, gymnastics, art, and Girl Scouts. And a much-needed one I might add! :)


tina said...

You are one seriously busy Mama! I draw great inspiration from you, Jennifer. ((hugs))

gina said...

Glad everything went smoothly- I know how hard it can be sometimes! I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures!