Friday, December 19, 2008

Goodies from Korea!

Thanks so much Christine for your wonderful box from Korea! It was a fun geography lesson this week. We had so much fun tasting different things and trying to figure out what they are! Ginseng, ginger, and other flavors that they are not familiar with.
The kids came to the conclusion that if that was what candy is like in Korea, they must have very skinny people :) I think they liked the ginger the best - and the one that tasted like the berries from some kind of cereal (I couldn't put my finger on it).
We had fun shopping for some "Alaska" stuff this week to send your way. It's all packed up and ready to go - as soon as I can get myself to the post office again :) It definitely won't be there before Christmas though!


Christina said...

Oh, you're welcome. It was fun buying random stuff for everyone. I browsed the grocery mart and local street vendors for everything. I haven't even tried most of it myself!

tina said...

What a fun idea!