Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It is seriously cold outside.

We just got home from dance class and my car said that it is -29 out. Not 29 degrees - NEGATIVE 29 degrees out. Like 61 degrees below the freezing point. That is cold.

Of course, I was out of gas and had to stand at the pump to fill my truck. I sure wish I had a pair of long johns on. :)


Beth said...

-29!!! And it is only November!

Oh my goodness! It has been getting down to about 40 and we have been cold here. I am thinking we are in for a RUDE awakening when we move to Alaska again.

Jennifer said...

You'll get used to it again and when spring comes and it gets up to 40 degrees, you'll be out BBQing with everyone else :)

It's different up here than in Anchorage too. It's dry and it's not usually windy, so that helps a bit.

Family G said...

I can't even imagine these temperatures. I don't like winter (even though I'm a winter baby) and I'm cold enough here in Virginia already. Can't wait for spring.