Sunday, September 14, 2008

The newest additions to my polish pottery collection

This was a birthday gift from my friend, Michelle. She took a trip to WA and found a Polish Pottery store in Pike Place Market!!

I bought the bowl and plate at the PX yesterday (it was cheap - only $13 for the bowl and $6 for the plate!!) Andy went back today and got me the teapot (without me asking).
He's such a good husband :)

Yes, I am probably addicted. I can't help myself. I just really love polish pottery.

You would think that we had been stationed in Germany. We haven't.

I have an entire cabinet full of the stuff. Some of it I use daily (like my fruit bowl, spoon rest, and a couple of the bowls).

The rest, I use whenever I entertain - okay, so not very often. It's very pretty in the cabinet though :)

As the kids get a bit older, I will start using it more and more. It looks so nice at the dinner table!!

Someday, I would actually like to have all of my dinner plates to be polish pottery. I want them all to be different patterns, because I think that would be much more interesting that way. I will then promptly throw out my Wal-mart dishes and never look back....

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