Monday, September 15, 2008


We are continuing our study of Ancient Mesopotamia this week.

Today we made cuneiform tablets. This was my first experience using Sculpey clay. It was really easy!! We baked them up and they turned out great.

The kids were so excited to be doing something hands-on. I have promised them (and myself) that I will be much better this year about planning projects to go along with our studies. They really enjoy it and it really does help them learn!!

Kate has been asking all day long to "make more cuneiform".

The kids got more excited when they learned that Mesopotamia was present-day Iraq. Kate said "Daddy is going to Ancient Mesopotamia??"

Even Lexie now knows that the two major rivers in Mesopotamia were the Tigris and Euphrates (or the Tiger and Alfredo as she calls them!).

This is Kate working on her tablet:

We ran out of gray, so Lexie got a pink one :)

Here is Ellie's picture of the Ishtar Gate:

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