Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trip to Anchorage, Day 1

They belong in the zoo!!

The Girls at the Zoo

Ellie, Kate, and Lexie.

Denali/Mt. McKinley

We drove down to Anchorage, stopping at some scenic viewpoints to take pictures of Denali (Mt. McKinley). The kids were good little travelers and we arrived at Ft. Richardson early in the afternoon.

We were too early to check into our room, so we headed over to the mall. The girls were going crazy with excitement. Ellie commented that "There is a store for everthing. There is even a sunglasses store!" I had to explain to Kate what "window shopping" was. She didn't like the idea. We left the mall pretty much emptyhanded, except for a movie for Andy and some gumballs for the kids. The really wanted to do "Build-A-Bear" but I wasn't prepared to buy 4 of them (and clothes and accessories!).

We then went and checked into our room. We ended up paying under $100 a night and we had one room with a queen-size bed, TV, and bathroom, another room with a pullout sofa, fridge, microwave, and dining table, and another room with 2 twin beds and a bathroom - all connected like an apartment. Not bad :)

Next, we headed to the Alaska Zoo. It was pretty small, but the kids hadn't been to a zoo in quite some time and they really enjoyed it. There weren't any huge crowds and we could see most of the animals up close. It was definitely worth it.

We were all pretty tired after such a long day.

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