Friday, August 8, 2008

The Hug-A-Hero Doll, Part 2

Andy has been cloned!!!!
We had to get a "daddy doll" for each of the kids, otherwise everyone would be fighting over Daddy. It's funny though, because everywhere I turn, Andy is laying around the house somewhere. LOL!

Andy's task for this week is to add messages to the voice recorders that came with the dolls. This will make them even more special to them. Then the kids can push the button and hear Daddy talk to them whenever they are missing him.

There are two sizes - 12 inch and 18 inch. We got the smaller version. I figured that they would be easier to carry around. Also, even though they are reasonably priced, I was buying 5 of them so I decided to buy the smaller (and less expensive) version :)

I am just SO happy with them. What a great idea!!

To order go to: Daddy Dolls

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ReBecca said...

What a great idea! I've enjoyed my tour of your blog, will come back to visit soon.