Friday, August 1, 2008

Goodbye Satellite!

Miniature Igloo with Penguins Watching Tv by Chuck Carlton
Miniature Igloo with Penguins Watching Tv

Yes folks, we have taken a trip back in time. We are again living on bunny ears only :) After much frustration with our dish not letting us watch anything but CNN (Yikes!), I finally made the call to the Dish Network tech guy to talk me through the problem. What is the problem you ask? One simple word: trees. Yes, trees. When our service was started last winter, there weren't any leaves on the trees and it seemed to work fine. However, ever since our trees have been covered, we have been having spotty or NO signal. Our dish is one of those 6 ft across things from the 80s - apparently we can't use a normal one you attach to the house here where we live.

They were nice enough to let me out of the remainder of my contract without a fee. I have saved myself $55 a month. I don't want the kids watching so much TV once we start schoolwork again anyway. I thought I'd be watching it more in the evenings, but with Andy gone I can't even sit down for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Good riddance :)

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