Thursday, August 7, 2008

Diaper Duty

Andy seems to have weaseled his way out of diaper duty. He has always been so good about taking his turn at changing diapers with all of the kids. This time though he has protested and somehow won.

I have used disposable diapers on 3 of our children and cloth diapers once (on Lexie). This time, I decided that I would use cloth diapers again. Andy doesn't want to change cloth diapers and says that since I made the decision to use them, I can change them :) Not that it matters anyway since he'll be leaving next month. I really don't see how changing a cloth diaper is any harder than a disposable though.It's not like I'm asking him to wash them for goodness sakes!!

I am using a few different kinds of diapers right now. (I was trying out some different brands). Last time around I only used Bumkins All-in-Ones. They are just like using a disposable diaper, but you have to wash them :) I really like them, but they are pretty expensive. I bought one of them this time in the bug print (that is what Tori is wearing above).

This time, I bought some proraps, bummis, and bumkins diaper covers (which are much more economical). You just change the white cloth prefold inside (unless something gets on the cover). They are really easy to use and cheaper than the all-in-ones. Plus, as she moves up in size, I will only need to buy more diaper covers and not the prefolds. I think I'm saving money by doing this - and I will never be "out" of diapers and have to make a midnight run to the store. I might have to do a midnight load of laundry though :)

I am now looking for a wipes "recipe" so that I can start using the cloth wipes I have also. It's much easier to throw the cloth wipes in with the diapers instead of using regular baby wipes and having to separate them out.

So, anyway for now Andy doesn't have to change Tori. Nick is still in disposables though and Andy can have all of those diapers he wants!! Yuck! Changing a 2 yr old is much grosser than changing a 2 month old :)

I have told Andy that he needs to have Nick potty trained before he leaves. I wish that the weather was nice, then we could throw him outside in some underpants and call it good. I suppose that's what we're going to have to do though. Just shut ourselves in the house for a few days and be prepared for a mess. At least we have wood floors :)

Here is a website with more information on cloth diapering: Diaper Pin

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