Thursday, July 3, 2008

What is this bug?

This is the monster that has been terrorizing my children these past few weeks! I finally got my camera in time to take a picture of one. The kids are terrified to go outside because of it - especially Kate who claims that she hates the outdoors (a recent phenomenon). I have heard these bugs called "pincher bugs", but I know that isn't their latin name :)

Does anyone out there know what these actually are? And do they bite? And does it hurt???? I have to admit that they are pretty creepy looking -especially their long antennae.

One of these guys somehow got into our vehicle yesterday (probably because one of our windows is "stuck" down until it gets fixed next week). I was happily driving along on our way back from the store, when all 3 girls started screaming hysterically. I am lucky that I didn't crash the car - yes it was that loud! Kate took off her shoe and handed it to Ellie to do the dirty work :) She managed to get rid of him, but the whole trip home Kate was convinced that he wasn't really dead. I am hoping that these bugs are only around for a few weeks and not the entire summer!!

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