Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yorkie Peanut Butter by Ken Bailey
Yorkie Peanut Butter
I am trying to decide what to do with my recent picky eaters. I refuse to become a short-order cook!! Do I make them eat everything they are given - or at least a good portion of it? With 4 of them at dinnertime, one of them is always bound to HATE what I made. I am thinking that maybe I will just have one thing offered if you don't want dinner - like a peanut butter sandwich. That will be the only other option - that way I'm not searching for something else to make and they will know what to expect if they don't want to eat what I've made. I really don't want to be cruel and make them eat something they don't like - I know we all have different tastes. But, it isn't fair for them to be asking for different things when I have already slaved over dinner!

I will announce my new rule in the morning!

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