Saturday, July 19, 2008

Science Topics We Will Study This Year

Nasa Solar System
Nasa Solar System

I am not using any one curriculum for science this year. We will be studying Earth and Space Science and will study the following topics. Not all of them will take us an entire week to finish, but some will take more than a week. We're just going to take our time with the topics that the kids show the most interest in:

1. What is Astronomy?
2. The Sun
3. Mercury
4. Venus
5. Earth and Our Moon
6. Mars
7. Space Rocks
8. Jupiter
9. Saturn
10. Uranus & Neptune
11. Pluto & Other Dwarf Planets
12. Stars & Galaxies/Constellations
13. Space Travel
14. Is There Life in Outer Space?
15. Telescopes
16. Earth's Structure, Layers, and Plate Tectonics
17. Caves
18. Volcanoes
19. Earthquakes
20. Rocks and Minerals
21. Fossils
22. Soil
23. The Water Cycle
24. Oceans
25. Rivers & Lakes
26. Groundwater
27. Glaciers & Icebergs
28. Hot Springs & Geysers
29. Weathering & Erosion
30. Landslides & Avalanches
31. Tsunamis
32. Meteorite Impacts
33. Floods & Monsoons
34. Droughts
35. The Atmosphere & Atmospheric Pressure
36. Humidity & Air Composition
37. Climates, Seasons, Day & Night, Time Zones
38. Clouds
39. Precipitation & Rainbows
40. Thunderstorms & Tornadoes
41. Hurricanes
42. Wind
43. Meteorology/Weather Forecasting

Some of the resource books we will be using are: Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space, Exploring Creation With Astronomy, Smithsonian: Earth, Great Science Adventures: Earth and Space, and Great Science Adventures: Exploring Earth's Landforms and Surface Features. We are also using numerous picture books and experiment books to complement our studies. I have ordered a large labeled rock collection, an in-home planetarium (Star Theater 2) and a solar system kit to put together. I think the kids are really going to enjoy science this year!!

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