Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My little Houdini

Houdini: The World's Handcuff King and Prison Breaker
Houdini: The World's Handcuff King and Prison Breaker

What do you do with a 2 year old who has figured out all of the buttons and locks in the house?? I can no longer keep him in the high chairs (either one). The stroller is a breeze - he's out of that in seconds (and running away from me as quickly as possible). Now it's the car seat. He can't quite get the bottom button pushed yet, but he unstraps the top and then squeezes his arms out.
What do I do?? I will NEVER get to where we're going when I'm stopping every 30 seconds to strap him in again. It's not an easy thing either. His car seat is in the very back of the truck and I have to either open the back and reach over OR make Ellie get out, put her seat down and climb in to get him strapped again.
I am getting very frustrated. This is a serious safety issue. Barring duct tape, how can I keep his arms in the seat?? His straps are not loose. Do they make some sort of device to fit over the upper car seat locks? Do I need to find a different type of seat?
He sure keeps me on my toes!!

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