Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cracker crumbs and pencil shavings...

Tornado and Lightning on Field
Tornado and Lightning on Field

Yes, that is what I just walked barefoot through. I can't say that I enjoyed it either. I have spent the past 10 minutes sweeping up the office floor. Nick "the Tornado"(an F5) hit the office with forceful winds :) He took out the pencil sharpener, an entire bag of crackers, various pencils and crayons, a cup of milk, and some small pieces of paper. He did all of that damage in matter of minutes :)

He is now a not-so-happy camper. I have strapped him into the car seat in the truck. Please don't call CPS on me!! The truck is in the garage, the door into the garage from the house is propped open, and I can see him (and unfortunately hear him) from here. It was the only safe place I could put him while I was cleaning up the damage (without him making more at the same time!) He is getting very sleepy and I am hoping that while I'm working (and now blogging), he's pretending that the truck is driving - he likes to fall asleep in the car seat :)

Well, I have the baby monitor on to the upstairs and I can now hear someone very loudly playing the harmonica. And now a crying baby (probably because of the harmonica!). That is my cue to rescue Nick from the car seat and start the excruciatingly long process of putting 5 children to sleep......

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