Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project 365 - Day 42

The new stainless steel appliances were delivered today - by two not-so-friendly college boys working for Sears. They aren't top of the line or anything (we ARE selling the house you know!), but it's nice to have some brand new ones. :)

My wonderful husband got the dishwasher all hooked and working. Can't wait to put that first load through!! Thanks honey!!

The fridge came with a protective plastic covering on it. Something must have happened to it - maybe it got too cold? I'm not quite sure, but the stuff was close to impossible to peel off. It came off in little inch sized pieces. Luckily, it didn't leave a sticky residue or anything. I peeled for a while, but left the rest to Lexie. It kept her nice and busy for quite a while!

One more thing - why didn't anyone warn me about the FINGERPRINTS on the stainless steel appliances?? Oh my goodness do they show up!!!! I think it's especially bad since we had our fingers all over the fridge while we were peeling the stuff of. It is covered in smudges. :)

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