Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kate's new do

I finally talked Katie into a new haircut.

It has been long for quite some time now. And in knots.

It doesn't help that she likes to sleep with the covers over her head. Or that she is pulling her hood on and off during the day. The back of her head just kept matting up.

It was a constant battle between us. She couldn't get it brushed through herself, so I was the bad guy. I was really sick of it.

We headed to the salon and she had an idea of what she wanted. She tried to explain it to me and the hairdresser. She failed.

Apparently she wanted the exact opposite of what she got. She wanted her hair a bit shorter in the front and longer in the back. Her hair is shorter in the back and longer in front.

She cried. She told me that she has boy hair. She hated it.

But I think she's finally over it. I personally LOVE it!!


Deb said...

It's Cute! And also v. chic.

You might've just thrown me a thought about my own daughter's hair...

Michelle said...

Very UPDATED. I love it! I will send a picture of Olivia's to your email..SHORT bob..SUPER SHORT in the back!

Kristi said...

I think it's super duper cute! K had her hair about that length in the front and I loved it on her. Sadly, she has the same opinion of not wanting "boy hair" because I love, love, love that cut!