Saturday, February 13, 2010

I didn't mean it. I promise.

Remember how a mere 2 weeks ago, I was complaining about how hard it was to have constant showings of the house? How much of a pain it was keeping it so clean? How much I hated messing up our school days?

I didn't mean it.

We have now gone nearly 2 weeks with no showings. NONE.

As much as I dislike the showings, I REALLY want to sell the house. Soon. Very soon.

We still have a couple of months, but you know that once we find a buyer it takes weeks to get all of the paperwork and appraisals and moving done. I don't think I can take everything happening at the last minute. I'll go batty.

The new appliances are in - and we have an icemaker!! (it's the little things that mean the most).

New, higher watt light bulbs have been put in the bedrooms. They no longer look like caves.

The dilapidated swing set has been hauled away, making the yard much more appealing.

The gazebo is cleaned out - but Andy is going to go and grill out this weekend. Can't pass up that 20 degree weather. :)

The bedrooms and all of the heating registers have a new coat of paint on them.

Besides putting in new carpets, I think we've done everything that we were planning on doing to get the house fixed up.

Now we just need a buyer!!!

And preferably one that wants to pay full asking price - especially after we spent a couple thousand on new appliances.

Does anybody want to move to North Pole, Alaska??

I'll throw in some winter gear, a snow shovel, and a pet moose! :)

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