Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy Weekend Got Busier

Poor Tori woke up on Friday with a very croupy cough. That was enough to worry me, but on top of that, she had a fever and was very lethargic. She kept spacing out and not responding to me. Since there weren't any same day appointments to be had, we headed to the emergency room.

I have to say that the kids behaved amazingly well. They have a huge new hospital on post and the tiniest little ER waiting room I've ever seen. And it's always crowded. I dread taking all of the kids in there, but I didn't have a choice. Luckily, Andy was able to pick them up after a little while.

Since she was having trouble breathing, they moved her to the front of the line and we were seen right away.

Long story short: she has bronchiolitis. She ended up being admitted overnight and went through tons of nebulizer treatments, shots, and steroids. She was discharged today and still has to take inhaler treatments for the next few days.

I'm hoping that she gets some good sleep tonight. I've come to realize that you really don't get any good sleep in hospitals. I think that someone must have come in every 30-60 minutes - temperature checks, nebulizer treatments, bringing food, the janitor taking the trash, the nurse checking on her, the doctor checking on her, etc. She's a good sleeper and is normally out for the entire night. Not getting all of her beauty sleep put her in a crummy mood today. I'm pretty exhausted too.

Andy has done a wonderful job of getting the other kids to their events this weekend and keeping the house clean. He's a great husband and dad. :) So glad that I don't have to worry about everyone starving when I leave - he's a much better cook than I am!


Christina said...

Poor baby! I hope she feels better and that no one else gets sick!

tina said...

Aw, healing prayers for sweet Tori. It's always so hard when the little one's are sick, yes?

Our hubby's have a lot in common. Ron is a much better cook, too. I don't worry about him starving in Korea ;)