Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two More Days

Andy has to go back to work after this weekend. We've really enjoyed having him home every day for the past 2 weeks. He makes pancakes for breakfast and apple pie when we beg him. What a great guy. :)

I will look forward to getting back to a normal schedule though. Whenever he's off, we all tend to stay up way later - and sleep in way later than usual. It's gotten a bit out of hand. I had to peel the kids out of bed at 10 this morning. Monday isn't going to be fun!

Am I the only one that lets the bedtime schedule go while Daddy is off work? I'm thinking that I really should have stuck to my guns and made them go to bed on time. Shoulda Woulda Coulda. Next time I'll know better. :)

I think we'll be spending his final 2 days of leave at home. It's about negative 32 this morning. Just too chilly to do anything outside. We had planned on going to "Christmas in Ice" which has all sorts of ice sculptures to look at. They were also having a kids dog mushing program today on post, but I think it will be cancelled with how cold it is.

At least it's going to warm up above zero in a few days! I'm starting to feel really cooped up and I'm ready to get out and do something - anything!!!!

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Michelle said...

Hey! I miss you! NO, you are not the only one who relaxes bedtime when Daddy is home. I did remember to start pushing it back though over this weekend to somewhat normal. Hopefully that will make tomorrow morning easier!