Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I received a letter from Roza today, thanking me for the money that I sent a few months ago.

We're by no means rich, but I am grateful to be reminded how good we have it.

We have running water and a clean floor beneath our feet.

We have a refrigerator full of food and a comfortable home.

We have electricity and cozy beds.

My children have shelves and shelves of books and toys.

I don't think that Roza has any of those things and it makes me so terribly sad.

A portion of the money was to be spent on her specifically and the rest for her family.

She is beaming in her new dress and shoes, isn't she??

It really hit home how hard their lives must be though when she wrote that besides the dress, they had bought soap and buckets for hauling water. Can you imagine having to haul water in those buckets??

I only wish that we could do something more than a few hundred dollars a year.

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