Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Freaking out - just a bit

I am starting to get a bit nervous.

Our house was supposed to go on the market next Monday. We were going to spend the entire weekend decluttering and cleaning in preparation.

Then, someone wanted to book a showing - this Saturday!!! Luckily, Andy is taking the day off of work on Friday so that we can scramble to get everything ready.

I really don't like the whole home-selling process. It is a pain.

We aren't leaving here for another 4 months, but we decided to put it on the market now rather than let it sit empty after we leave.

So there is a possibility that if the house sells, we could be homeless for a while. But living in a hotel or apartment is better than paying a mortgage for a house that we aren't living in.

I am trying not to think about any of it too much.


Andrea said...

It will all work out for you guys.

You will sell the house some time and like you said it would be better to sell it early and be cramped in an apartment for a few months than to have the house sitting empty and paying for it.
Love you and good luck :)

Michelle said...

HEY! I am sure it will be fine!I agree with your sister-better early that late! I wish I was there to help, well not really THERE in AK, but LOL!!! available to help you! :)
However it is BELOW zero here in Kansas today!! What is up with that?
Miss you!