Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a change in Nick

I really can't believe how much Nick has changed in the past few months. He has somehow morphed into quite the big boy preschooler.

Every morning as we start schoolwork, he asks if he can do school too. He wants to practice writing his letters and to draw pictures.

He loves to play on Jumpstart. He'll ask "Can I play on my Jumpee??" and then gets on the computer all by himself. He'd sit on there for hours if I would let him.

He has learned all of his letters, numbers, and colors. It is actually getting a tiny bit frustrating at night, because when I read him his bedtime stories, he insists on pointing out each letter and telling me what they are. It makes it take a little bit longer than normal, but I'm very excited for him and his newly acquired skills. :)

Speaking of bedtime, he is SOOOOO easy compared to how the girls were at this age. Seriously.

I don't know if it's because he's a boy or maybe because he's the 4th child.

He puts his PJs on and brushes his teeth by himself. I read him 2 stories and turn the light out and we don't hear from him again. Period. He falls asleep within minutes and never gets out of bed. It is amazing to me.

I have flashbacks of when Ellie and Kate were his age. I can't even believe how many hours I spent hanging onto one of their hands as they fell asleep - simply staring at the dark walls. Those were some long nights.

Then as they got older, we had to chase them back to bed 50 times before they fell asleep. Not fun.

We must have done something right this time. Live and learn I suppose. Your parenting style definitely changes a bit with each kid.

Anyway, Nick is very easy going, loves to be dropped off at the babysitter, and can sit for hours playing with a few little Lego pieces. He's such a great little boy!!! I sometimes wish he had a brother to play with, but I think we're probably done....

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