Saturday, October 17, 2009

Enjoying our Staycation

A picture from our walk downtown.

It's really a shame that we aren't independently wealthy. I could get used to this life - no work for my husband, no stressful vacation traveling, no schoolwork for the kids. We're just hanging out at home and it's cool.

Today was respite care and we had a relaxing, kid-free day (from 9-5!) It was wonderful. Uninterrupted conversations, lunch at a restaurant, a stroll down by the river, and some shopping at gift shops full of breakables. All things we rarely do with the little ones in tow.

I'm going to be sad when Andy has to go back to work. He still has 2 weeks left though, so we will take full advantage of the time. The kids are enjoying a break from school (and so am I). I am trying to get the first quarter's grades done and doing some prep work for next quarter, but other than that, I'm taking it easy.

Here is the sunset from our deck. Gorgeous, isn't it??

Here are some pictures from our walk downtown. I am really curious about why these silly little ducks decided to stay here. True, we're not covered in snow yet (which is odd)- but the river has started to freeze. You would think that would be the hint to head south for some warmer weather.

I just want to put them on a plane and send them somewhere warm!! :)

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