Friday, August 14, 2009

Week One Done!!

Wow, we actually made it through our first week back to school.

(We've actually made it through two weeks by now, but I decided to give myself a week delay to post what we've done - then I don't feel pressured to sit and post when I don't have time!)

We got all of our work done, but definitely not in the most efficient manner. I know that if we're going to keep this up in the long run, we're going to have to have some sort of schedule - even if it's just a loose routine. ANYTHING would be helpful at this point in time.

Right now, I 'm trying to figure out :
1.How much time I need to set aside for each subject for each kid
2. Which things they can do independently and which I need to help them with
3. Which subjects I can teach all at once and which I need to do individually
4. How do I keep the younger 2 busy and happy while we're working??

Hopefully, I will have a schedule set up within the next week or so.

Of course, when Andy comes back from Iraq in a few weeks, it will be thrown aside for a while.

It seems as if we're always in a transition of sorts. Preparing to move. Unpacking and acclimating to a new house. Preparing for a deployment or separation of some sorts. Rejoicing in being back together again. Welcoming a new baby into the family. (NO, I'm NOT pregnant!)

It seems like there is never just a "normal" time for us.

I suppose that there isn't for anyone though, is there? That is homeschooling - fitting school in with the ups and downs of real life.

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Chocolateer said...

Good luck with your schedule! I don't stick to a strict schedule, but I do like having a sense of how a school day should play out :)

One suggestion for younger ones, I kept separate toys in buckets in the school room for my son to sit and play with while I did a subject with my daughter. The school toys were only available while Sweetling was doing math with Mommy, so that helped make them special and kept him engaged. (I put things in there like magnetic blocks, a magna doodle board, puzzles, playdough, etc. Or, sometimes I would let him put a smock on, put shaving cream on his little desk, and he could smear the shaving cream around and practice letters while Sweetling and I worked.)

I also have a friend who did a book review on teaching preschoolers. you can find that here: