Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Huge Weight Lifted

I am heaving a great sigh of relief right now. HUGE.

Andy is coming back from Iraq this month and we should be moving to Savannah next spring.

When we arrived here, there wasn't any post housing available and we ended up buying a house. Owning our own place has been great (except for repairs!!!). We have a huge yard and it's a stand alone house instead of a duplex or quadplex like on post. It's always nice to have a bit of privacy, you know?

The thing is, when you own a house and are moving, you have to sell it (or rent it out). I don't know about you, but I don't have an extra $1900 a month to be forking over for my payment when we're not living in it. I've been really worried about being able to sell our house in time and not leaving it empty when we move. (Yes, I realize that it's a bit early, but I'm one of those people that likes to be early enough that if I'm late I'm still early. I know - I wish that I could take a pill for it or something!)

So, in walks someone I know who is interested in our house. Now. We haven't even put it on the market yet. She was seriously considering buying it. The catch? She needed to be moved in by the end of next month.

I thought that maybe we could do it. Am I insane or what??

One month to do the paperwork, pack my things (myself) and move them into a storage unit, start searching for a rental - all of this when my poor hubby was supposed to be coming home to our comfortable house.

The stress of it all was really starting to get to me. I could barely sleep last night just thinking of how many things I would have to do in the coming weeks. And how crushed the kids would be to be sitting in some junky little rental for the next 6 months. STRESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

I ran into her today and I think that she could see how frightened I was of the coming weeks. I know that I was sending freaked out vibes her direction. She decided to put an offer in on a different house.

And I have a huge weight lifted right now. I think I'll sleep like a log tonight.

I now know that we will be able to welcome Andy home - to our home. I won't have to put him to work moving furniture and we can spend his well-deserved time off just hanging out as a family.

We'll wait until this winter to put the house up on the market. It will sell. I won't let myself worry about it anymore. Everything will fall into place......


tina said...

So glad he'll be coming home to your house. It's a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

What a special blessing from the Lord! He has your family in the palm of His hands. Enjoy your time as a family. I've enjoyed reading your blog and hearing how homeschooling goes for you. I'm just starting this year and have been looking for all tips that I can find. Thanks for sharing your family's story. -Beth (in PA)

Lisa said...

Bless you heart....I know how it feels to worry over a home selling, but it will work out with a little faith!! Really glad to hear your hubby is coming home soon, I am sure you and your kiddo's are counting the minutes :O)

Beth said...

I'm glad you will be able to enjoy your time with your Dh. Sorry the sale won't go through but have faith that it will when the time is right.