Saturday, August 22, 2009

Come Shoot the Breeze With Me

So this is just a collection of various random thoughts and links that you might enjoy. If you want to shoot the breeze with other bloggers, then head on over to and join in the fun.

*I am a BBC/Masterpiece Theatre fanatic. I enjoy almost all of them, with a few exceptions. I can't say that I liked Tess of the D'Urbervilles, but it was very well made. I just didn't enjoy the storyline (I hated the book too). I'm a happy ending kind of a girl. So, I was very pleased when this new movie came out on DVD. Little Dorritt is WONDERFUL. I've never read the book by Charles Dickens, but I added it to my reading list for this year, because it looks so good. And it has a happy ending. Watch it!

*The Lattice House. Every day, we pass "The Lattice House" (as we have nicknamed it) at least a couple of times and every time we pass it, it puts a smile on my face. The kids never tire of pointing it out. The house is COMPLETELY covered in lattice and has a matching lattice fence. It just cracks me up. I'm not sure if it was on sale, or if the man works in a lattice factory or what. It is very interesting though. :)

*What do you guys drive? I'm in a 2003 Ford Expedition. It's paid off, thankfully. I don't particularly want a car payment again, but I can't help salivating over those huge 15 passenger vans. They have so much room!! 5 kids and the double stroller and our truck is pushing capacity. We could actually fit groceries and stuff if we had a larger vehicle. I can't justify the price though. What we have works and has enough seat belts in it, so I will have to live with it for now.... I can dream though.


Christina said...

I didn't like Tess of the D'Ubervilles either and I haven't even heard of Little Dorritt. Some day, when I don't have a list of textbooks to read, maybe I'll get to it...
We drive a 2004 Pacifica that fits either kids or groceries...not both. We plan to sell it before leaving here cause we have a Suburban in the states. Miss it so... Perhaps we'll buy a second Suburban when we land.

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

Thanks for joining in! I personally salivate over the newer minivans. SO MUCH cooler than the minivans we grew up with aren't they?? Would love to have one someday, but like you, don't particularly care to have a car payment any time soon. Until then, I'm in a Chevy Lumina. It works.

I'd love to see a picture of that lattice house. Would probably be weird to stand in the street and take pics of it though, huh? =)

Beth said...

I am going to see if the library can get Little Dorritt for me.

I am with you on the Ford Expedition. I drive a 2001 Exp. It is a great truck, paid off and I love it. But my Expedition is not a winter vehicle! I don't want a car payment again, but really don't feel safe in the truck. ALSO I have a teenager driving we are looking for something economical and good on gas. I'd love a Toyota Sienna, but that probably isn't going to happen!