Friday, June 5, 2009

Feels like home

Today was a drizzly, sprinkly kind of a day and it made me think of Washington. I miss "home".

I actually like the rain. I love the smell and how it turns everything green. I actually think that I could see my grass turning greener and growing taller today. And I just mowed yesterday! The constant daylight makes the grass grow really quickly.

We shut ourselves inside, not because of the rain though. Yesterday, it was gorgeous and warm out and the kids were in and out all day long. So were the mosquitoes.

When we went to bed at night, they ate us alive. Poor Tori and Lexie must taste the sweetest, because they were covered in bites. :(

So, I didn't let them open the doors today and I haven't really seen any in the house. I'm hoping that they are gone, so we can all sleep in relative peace.

I let the kids play on the Wii, Ellie baked some Snickerdoodles, and they all watched a movie.

I used this time to transfer my pictures from my desktop to my new laptop. I did the tutorial lessons in the Adobe Photoshop Elements "Classroom in a Book" and I feel like I learned a lot. I can navigate around much better and I have been spending the evening tagging my pictures. It's going to be quite the job since there are about 15,000 of them....

I'm attaching some pictures of Tori from yesterday. It was her first experience with spaghetti. The first stuff I gave her was all nicely chopped up, but then I just gave it to her whole and let her have at it. She had a blast and of course went straight into the tub afterward.

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heidi said...

i hear those mosquitoes ought to be named your state bird. sorry. jakub suffers the most from any bug that would ever bite...must be cause he's so sweet. i love those spaghetti shots.