Sunday, June 14, 2009

Better Attitude

I woke up today with a better attitude. Maybe it's because I actually got 7 hours of sleep - in a row?? It's amazing what a little rest can do. :) Thanks guys for your words of support. I know I can do this. It's all down hill from here!!

I got good news from Andy this morning. His extension got approved, which means that we won't be getting orders when he gets back like most everyone else. The thought of trying to move out of here in January just made me shudder. I know how cold and dark it is. Last January it was down to negative 40. I can't imagine trying to move and travel at that time of year. I feel sorry for everyone that has to do it - although they might have a different outlook on it. They probably want to get the heck out of here instead of riding the winter out another year.

We should be here through next May, which is great news in my opinion. We'll be done with school, so I won't have any worries there. Also, we can live out one of our dreams - driving the Al-Can back down to the lower 48. We took the ferry from Washington on the way up, so we were really hoping to take a different route on the way back. I don't think I could bribe the kids back onto the ferry. :) It was gorgeous, but they all got sea sick and it wasn't pleasant. I'm just glad we had our own cabin and bathroom...

So, we will be roughing it through one more winter. It won't be as bad though, because I won't have to worry every time I leave the house - what will I do if I break down? Who can I call? Now I know that I will have a husband around this winter and I can always call him and he'll rescue me. That's a good feeling!

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