Thursday, May 7, 2009

The fun begins

We're finished with school. I almost have quarterly reports done.

Almost all extra-curricular activities have ended. The only thing we're continuing through the summer is Lexie's piano lessons (gotta keep going while Andy is deployed and they are free!!) and the girls have talked me into letting them take some swimming lessons. I can handle that.

The weather hasn't been super warm, but it's comfortable. The kids can play outside. They are getting better at riding their bikes. Ellie has planted various things in the greenhouse. The swingset is getting much use.

Now my favorite part of the school year begins - planning for next year. What makes it even more fun for me is the fact that I use a correspondence school and I have money to spend!!!

When July 1st hits, I can order next year's curriculum. This year, I will get $1800 for Ellie, $1600 for Kate, and $1600 for Lexie. It all gets put into one family account (that is $5000 all together!!) and I turn in reimbursement forms throughout the year as I spend it. I could go directly through the school to order my stuff, but I find it's just easier for me to order it and get paid back. They are quick and efficient about reimbursing money, so I don't worry about it.

So, this is the fun part. What do I want to spend our money on? Everything that is under $200 is considered "consumable" by the school and we get to keep. Anything above that has to be returned to the school eventually.

Since I know that this will be our last year homeschooling in Alaska and I will have to start paying for our stuff again when we move, I am trying to buy things that I know we will need in the future and things that can be used by the next kids in line. Last year I bought a stereoscope and a very cool dry erase globe. I have been consistently stocking our home library. It's huge. We could start checking out books to the neighborhood. :)

So, I'm making my wish lists and looking through catalogs. Trying to decide what we are going to need for this upcoming year. One of the things that I want to order is Rosettta Stone Russian (the homeschool edition). The problem is that it's over $200 and I would really like to keep it. I'm trying to find it on sale. Anyone know where it can be bought for less than $200?? :)

I'll be sure to post when I figure out what I'm going to order!!


Luke said...

Rosetta Stone has a lock on the price you can sell it. Thus, no one is allowed to sell it new for less than the price they set.

I purchased Russian from Sonlight, and they have the lowest possible price out there. So if you need it for less, I suggest looking for it used somewhere.


Tara said...

I am interested in how your school works? How do you get money for books? Is it because you are in Alaska? I am going into my 2nd year of home schooling and still learning things. I use to buy alot of my used curric. for consumables. Best price I have found anywhere! Can you purchase from ebay. They have alot.

Jennifer said...

I know that every state is different, so I'm not sure if Alaska is the only one that does this. I am VERY thankful though. It has saved me oodles of money and has allowed me to put the kids in classes that I otherwise would not have been able to afford. We will miss it when we leave!!
Here is the link to the school we use: (there are others in the area)
I can buy stuff off of ebay. I just have to have a receipt with the item description to turn in :) I will have to start looking there more often!