Sunday, May 24, 2009

Compassion for Roza

We recently started sponsoring a little girl in Tanzania through Compassion International.

I wrote her an initial fill-in the blank sort of a letter of introduction with a picture and I didn't expect to hear back for quite some time. Yesterday, we received a letter from Roza with a new photo of her and a picture that she drew. It was very sweet.

The girls are now trying to think of things to send her or topics to write to her about. I printed out a page with pictures of all of the kids and what their favorite things to do are. We are including some stickers and some printed scrapbooking paper.

Everything we send must be no larger than a regular size of paper and no thicker than 1/8th of an inch. That definitely limits us, but hopefully it will make us get creative.

I have already thought that we could sent some pretty stencils, more stickers, postcards, origami paper with instructions, maybe some drawings from the kids, coloring pages, dot-t0-dots, and definitely some more pictures. Any other ideas?

I have decided to make a commitment to write to her at least once every couple of weeks - even if it's only a line or two and some fun stuff for her. The neat thing is, that you also have the option to send an email to your child. The email goes to the office where it is translated and then sent to her just like a regular letter. I tried it out yesterday and it was very easy.

If you aren't already sponsoring a child, please consider it. For more information, visit the Compassion website.

They also have a new chidlren's section with a game called Quest for Compassion.
Share Quest for Compassion - an interactive game that educates children about global poverty


SmallWorld at Home said...

I never thought about scrapbooking paper--what a great idea! We usually just send a coloring sheet.

We sponsor a girl from Rwanda in our family, and then our American Heritage Girls troop sponsors a girl from Peru. Each group took a month this year to write to her, and what was so sweet is what they all wanted to send her. They would bring toys, knit hats, etc., and it was so sad to explain to them that we couldn't send all of that! We sponsore a 5-year-old girl in our troop, thinking that she would grow up with your youngest troop members. It's been a neat thing!

Jennifer said...

I just thought of something else - paper dolls!! I bet that they would be a great hit with little girls.