Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of School Hoopla

I have to say - it's near impossible to get a picture where all of them are looking at the same time. I must have taken 20 and this is the best I got!

We are done with school, and I somehow promised the kids that I would take them to Chili's this week as a celebration. Did I think this through before making the promise? Of course not.

So, it was me at Chili's with all 5 kids. It could have been nightmarish. I had visions of me running from the restaurant throwing a large tip behind me.

Luckily, it went perfectly. Seriously. They sat like little angels. No yelling or fighting. No running away (which Nick likes to do) and Tori sat happily in the high chair. It was wonderful.

They even got all dressed up in their matching dresses so that they would look nice. (We don't eat out much!)

They were so good and it was so warm out that we stopped for hot fudge sundaes and went to the park to run around afterward.

Now we're back home and the kids are complaining that there are too many mosquitoes outside. The second the snow thaws, the mosquitoes are biting. Off! is definitely at the top of my shopping list for tomorrow.

Ok, so as I was writing this, Ellie came running inside, because Nick got himself stuck in the greenhouse.

Even though it's 75 degrees out, there is still a big chunk of ice in front of the door and we haven't been able to get inside. He apparently opened it up just enough to squeeze himself in, but then he couldn't get back out. I couldn't help but laugh.

So, we got the hammer out and I started chipping away at the ice. He was rescued and now we can open the door and start planting :) I'm off to go outside and enjoy the good weather while it's here...


Luke said...

Congratulations, and it sounds like you had a really good time.

The picture is adorable. Definitely worth the 20 snaps before [smile].


heidi said...

Oh I so can identify from all areas. I like to venture out to eat once in a blue moon to be waited know, not be the cook, waitress, or dishwasher. My younger 3 are climbing under the table, getting up, investigating the nearby people. But the last 2 times they have been really good as they have found I will let them have more freedom w/ordering if they behave. Onlookers comment such "lovely, well behaved children." Thank you I say when in the back of my head I'm thinking are these mine? They have embarrassed me in the past where I've eaten in record time or asked it to go, paid, and tipped generously so that the next time I venture in, they don't fear me...LOL!!! The learn to love the one that has most authentic looks while giving you the best outcome. Its impossible to get them all to look at the same time unless you trick half while maintaining focus with the older ones. Its a great photo!! Ah to be done must be a relief. We still have a few more weeks. I usually aim to finish end of May. And then I plan to do a few things over the summer...they do better if I don't give them too much time away.