Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Absolute Randomness

The kids have had some sort of a "bug". No one is throwing up or anything (thankfully). Ellie was feeling dizzy and had a bit of a sore throat though and now Kate feels a bit under the weather today. We skipped classes yesterday and it was a nice break.

Although they were too sick to do gymnastics, they were feeling well enough to do a run to Sam's club. Especially when I bought them new ipods. I was so sick of buying batteries for the mp3 players. Now we all have an ipod and it's so much easier to load and charge them all. I filled them with music, stories, and even annoying multiplication table songs - are there any that sound decent? I haven't found them yet.

Ellie brought me breakfast in bed this morning. She got up bright and early and wanted to make something. It tasted wonderful. Fresh pineapple, strawberries, apples, grapes with whipped cream on top. What a sweetie!

Tori is totally happy if you hand her a saltine cracker. She's so easy to please. Notice that she almost always has a bruise in between her eyes. I think she hits her nose on her crib a lot :(

Okay, I am super grateful that the kids empty the dishwasher now. It is nice to have handed that duty over to them. However, when I opened the tupperware cabinet this morning I was scared to move anything for fear or the whole thing falling down.

Along with the trip to Sam's Club, I also took Kate and Lexie to get haircuts. Lexie's shaggy mane is now tame and out of her face:
Those are probably enough random thoughts for now. I need to go make some lunch. I love to cook when I have a full fridge!!

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~~gail~~mooselovingmamabear said...

Great fruit salad...yummy.... hope you all are feeling better....