Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Linkage

Here are some miscellaneous links that you might enjoy:

1. Queen Homeschool Supplies. I just found them the other day. They sell Charlotte Mason style books and the publish a series called Language Lessons which looks beautiful. They also sell my all-time favorite nature journal - called quite simply : My Nature Journal. It's fantastic.

2. Gravitas Publications. This is the curriculum we will be using next year for science. Ellie will do the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Level 1 (with KOGs) and Kate & Lexie will be using the Biology and Chemistry, Pre-Level 1. It looks like a great curriculum, even if we can only use it for one year!

3. I found this tutorial for how to make a birthday banner on a blog called See Mommy Sew. Don't even ask why I have a desire to make one of these. I know that I can't sew. I just think that they are so cute! What a great idea!! Maybe I could design one and cut it out and talk Andy into sewing it for me. If I could persuade him with a big juicy steak...
Here is a pattern for one on etsy and you can find them for sale on there also.

4. Classics for Kids is a great website all about classical music.The have games, timelines, lesson plans, podcasts, etc.

5. Sheppard Software has a great site full of educational games you can play online. They have everything from vocab and geography to chemistry and math. We'll be coming back to this one often!!


Christina said...

That Sheppard Software site is awesome! Mark and I have been testing our geography all night!

SmallWorld at Home said...

I'm glad you posted that Queen link! A mom in our support group writers fro Queen, and I always mean to go and buy one of her books and always forget! She has a couple of Bible studies for boys and girls there.