Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ice Alaska, Day Three

It is still stinkin' cold here. Spring has not sprung. It's a bit disappointing.

Because of this, Ice Alaska stayed open for an extra week though, allowing me to take another trip to see the beautiful ice art - in the evening this time.

Usually, the sculptures are melting into puddles by now. There were a few details missing - strings on harps and other little things that apparently couldn't take the 20 degree heat wave.

We headed on over there after dance class tonight. It was in the teens, so we all bundled up - well except for the fact that I forgot my long johns. Don't forget your long johns if you're going to be outside for a few hours in the cold. You will regret it.

We showed up too early. It wasn't dark yet and apparently the sun is setting later than I had realized. We were there for almost 3 hours. By the time we left, I had 5 kidsicles. I was starting to worry that someone might have a frozen diaper. And I didn't think I would ever feel my legs again.
Setting sun in Ice Alaska You can see the sculptures, not yet lit up.

Unfortunately, I didn't even come home with very good pictures. I think that it was too cold for my poor camera. When we headed into the snack shop building for some much-needed hot cocoa, my camera fogged up. I wiped the lens with the lens cloth, but it didn't seem to help. All of the pictures after this (which incidentally were the ones I really wanted - of the ice art in the dark) were blurry, or should I say "foggy"?

Here is Lexie in front of the Ice Labyrinth

I have to say that Ice Alaska is very Alaskan. Laid back. Not fancy-schmancy in any way.

Don't expect simple things like bathrooms. You will be sorely disappointed.

There are however quite a few port-a-potties throughout the park. Not that I can imagine cramming myself and a small child into a port-a-potty and trying to strip them down out of their coat and gloves and snow pants and regular pants and long johns and undies so that they could use the bathroom.

Last time I checked, port-a-potties didn't have heat in them. That would be a chilling experience to say the least. So, I am very grateful that during our 3 hours there, no one had to use the bathroom! Or maybe they were just too cold to even mention it, I don't know.

The more and more Ellie and I thought about it though, we started wondering why they didn't have bathrooms carved out of ice. They have benches, chairs, slides, and even a working telephone booth. Why not bathrooms?? Now that would be uncomfortable. :)

Notice the blurriness. It was really neat to see them all lit up in person.
Sorry that I don't have much to show everyone!

While we were becoming deliriously cold waiting for the sun to set, we also started wishing that there were some way to have the Ice Art Championships in the summer when it is pleasantly warm outside. Of course, then we would be looking at puddles instead of ice art and that wouldn't be quite as interesting.

Next year, Andy will be here and I can head over to Ice Alaska on my own to leisurely spend time taking pictures - without fear of freezing my munchkins. So, I promise better pictures next year!!


Andrea said...

That would be great to see at night! That T-Rex looks cool! (no pun intended)Love you and miss you guys :)
Aunt Annie

Daisigirl said...

I would like to see the Labrynth! How cool! I bet they can keep this stuff frozen almost year round huh? Are you going somewhere warm for a while next year? I hope so! :0)

heidi said...

Those night shots were really something to look at. I bet the whole experience was really cool...no pun intended. ;o)