Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Day

What a busy, tiring day. Piano, dance, shopping, a birthday, and a Pampered Chef party.

I am about to fall into my bed here in a second...

But first, I had to show you what our new FIVE year old looks like:
So, here is the update on her:
1. She is starting to read pretty well. I finally figured out that she sometimes she gets some "extra help" on her AWANA verses, because they hold the book out when she is being checked. I think that they assumed that since she was 4 and a Cubby, she couldn't read. I think that I will have to enlighten them. :)

2. She is about half-way through Horizons Math K. She is counting past 100, and by 5s and 10s. She is adding and she enjoys math!

3. Today she had her meeting with her piano teacher. She starts lessons this week! How exciting! Since the classes are offered through post (and they are free while Andy is deployed), I decided not to pass up the opportunity. I think she's going to have fun.

4. Even though she's now 5, she will always be my little mouse. My only brown-eyed kid. My middle child. My sweet little girl :) I love her so.


Andrea said...

She has grown up so quick! I cannot wait to see all of you guys again, I miss you tons!

amwoods1sg said...

I'm so proud of her reading and loving math (she definatley got that from you, love).

Happy Birthday Lexie!