Friday, March 20, 2009

Beautiful Words

I have been so impressed with Ellie's way with words. She is starting to get more and more comfortable with her writing.

Today, she sat down and decided to write - on her own.
Here is her work of art: (Yes, I'm her mom and I'm biased)

The salty green sea spray slowly crashes against my feet.
I bend down and pick up a small, spiral sea shell.
It gleams in the warm sun.
Small fish tickle my feet, all different colors.
My mom calls "Time to go!"
I sigh and slip the shell in my pocket, a reminder of that wonderful day.


gina said...

That is a beautiful piece.

amwoods1sg said...

Ellie, you have a real gift. I love to read your poems and stories. They are wonderfully descriptive and sound just like you.


heidi said...

Awesome use of words. My senses were alive with the imagery. Isn't this what all homeschool moms yearn for...that moment when they realize, that yes their child gets it and the process is working. I would be proud too.