Saturday, February 7, 2009

Things are getting smelly....

So, we have now had almost 2 days with no water.

Things are starting to get stinky in here.

There is a slight trickle in the bathtub, so we are catching that water in a bucket so that we can continue to flush toilets. Thank God for small miracles. :) Things would be pretty dire without that!

The plumber said that he "should" be able to come tomorrow afternoon. I sure hope that he does! We still don't know if the pipes are frozen or if there is a problem with the water pump. I have absolutely no idea. This is definitely not my area of expertise.

The dishes have piled up, the laundry has piled up, and we're all getting stinky.

I have pulled out the disposable diapers and paper plates.
We will have some catching up to do on housework when the water starts flowing again :)

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Family G said...

Oh my, still no water?!? I hope the plumber shows up soon and fixes the problem!