Friday, February 6, 2009

Pipe Problems

I just posted about getting used to my pipes freezing and what happens? You guessed it! I have frozen pipes. The only water we have is a very small trickle coming out of the bathtub faucet.

Ellie also has a friend spending the night. And we can't flush the toilets. Or wash our hands. This is not good.

I am trying to fix it myself before calling a plumber. Last time this happened, I sat and blow dried the pipes under my sink for hours to no avail. What worked in the end was cranking up the heat in the entire house and going to sleep and praying that I would have water when I awoke.

I am actually surprised that they are freezing this time. It's above zero (last time it was about negative 50, so it was understandable). It's not like water isn't always flowing through our pipes. I have 5 kids for goodness sakes! There is always laundry or dishes being washed, people bathing or flushing the toilets, and we drink water all day long. I will have to see if there is some way we can insulate them better I guess.

It's starting to get uncomfortably warm in here. I even turned the heat up as high as it would go in the garage (which I usually keep very cool). The pipes go through the garage first, so I am hoping that this will work! I am holding out for about another hour and then I will have to head to the store and buy a cartful of water and come home and call a plumber. Of course it's already 4 on Friday night!! I wonder what their evening rates are....actually I hope I don't have to find out!

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Family G said...

Oh wow, that is bad. I can't imagine having frozen pipes in the whole house and having six kids there. I hope you got it fixed by now.
We had two frozen pipes the other day and that was not too bad. My main concern was that they might have burst from the pressure when the water expanded turning into ice. But we were lucky and had no leaks at all.
From your postings I can see that you're the typical wife of a deployed soldier, dealing with all sorts of things. I bet you will come out of this year stronger, too. :)