Monday, December 1, 2008

Questions from Lexie

Today Lexie asked me:

1. Why are you waking us up in the middle of the night???? (at 7:30 am) She would not believe that it was morning.

2. Why do they have to be called teens? Why can't it be onety-one, onety-two, onety-three....?


Andrea said...

Wow, she is a thinker. Thats great! I would have never thought of onety :)

Anonymous said...

That was funny, and so cute. Has she ever seen Math u see, because that was what put me off of that program years ago, the fact that he teaches to count in this way, onety one, onety two, and so on. :)


Dee in Sunny FL!

Love your blog!

Jennifer said...

We have never used Math-U-See. It looked too manipulative based to me (I didn't want my kids to NEED their manipulatives to be able to figure out their problems). That's funny :)