Sunday, December 28, 2008

Potty Training - for real this time!

Potty Training by Simmons
Potty Training
I have tried a number of times in the past to potty train Nick - to no avail.

We are always so busy and out of the house almost every day of the week. It's hard to stop what you're doing and find a bathroom in 2 minutes or less (and especially hard when you have 5 kids and it's 20 below zero out!)

So, I gave up for a while, but I've known that he was ready.
This week is a slow one. We are doing schoolwork (because Andy will be home soon and we want to spend some much-needed time with him!), but there are no classes or meetings to attend. Besides a trip to the grocery store, I don't think that I will be going anywhere. It's almost negative 40 degrees out this entire week anyway - and who wants to leave the house when it's that cold? Definitely not me!

So, this seemed like the right time. I put him in underwear right when he woke up.

At first, I couldn't get him to wear just one pair. He was so excited, that he thought he needed to wear about 5 pairs at a time. This would not make for quick bathroom trips :) I finally talked him out of that and I'm happy to say that he has gone about 10 times in his little mini-man urinal! We did have one major accident though and he was very uncomfortable. Thank God for wood floors.

Let's hope that I succeed this time and I get a diaper-free little boy by the end of the week!


Michelle said...

Yeah Jen! and Yeah Nick! I am so proud of you both! Tell Nick Miss Michelle will buy him LOTS of Thomas underwear-so he never runs out, if he keeps it up!

Sharon said...

Potty training with my son was my least-favorite-parenting-task-to-that-time :) that I had experienced. You find out just how unique each child is in that part of growth...and a lot of patience is required. Will be praying for a good week,

BTW, our area in Montana has just begun the thaw for three straight weeks of minus degree temps before Christmas...usually not that long, and usually not in December -- several double digits days and nights...but none -40 -- just wind chill once that I remember!

Andrea said...

Keep it up Jen I know you can do it!