Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs - Chores

Chores. Unfortunately, they have to be done.

The kids have a list of things that they are supposed to get done before we start schoolwork in the morning. It includes both hygiene stuff and a few chores (ie. making their bed, putting their dirty laundry in the hamper, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning up the dining room table, wiping the counters, doing a check of the bathroom to make sure it is presentable etc.)

Then we usually take a short break during the day where we work on one thing - laundry, mopping floors, cleaning clutter, cleaning out the truck etc.

They have a list of things that need to be done before bed also.

Just last week, I found a great website called Handipoints. There is a free portion to the site, where you can set up chore lists for each child and print them out. There are preset chores/responsibilities, or you can enter in your own. The kids earn a certain amount of points for every thing listed.

There are two types of points - Handipoints are saved towards specific goals which you set up (ie. game time with mom, $5, a new book etc.). They can see what they are working towards. You can choose a number of items so that they can pick which one they would like. This is all free.

The second type of points earned are bonus points. For a monthly fee, your child can use these accumulated points in "Handiland", much like Webkinz world. They have a cat that they can dress, decorate their room etc.

We have only been doing this for a little over a week, but it has really motivated the kids to get their stuff done. They like having a list in front of them to check off. Then they know what is expected of them and I don't have to remind them as much :)


Christina said...

I always wonder if we overburden our kids with chores. I want them to have responsibilities and with a big family, there is always plenty to clean up. Most of their friends have few (if any) chores and I hear about it, of course. But then, most of their friends have only one sibling. We also do the majority of chores before leaving for school in the morning which I've wondered if it's the wisest time (always rushed, ya know?). But then, if it doesn't get done by them before school, I have to look at it all day and can't resist doing it for them...
Anyway, point is, I like knowing your family, my big family comparison, has similar rituals. I might have to look into this chore website.

Andrea said...

Great idea Jen, I can see them all running around the house to get there work done so they can play or get money :)

tammy said...

It's great when we find a fun motivator to help move the chores along. My kids all loved lists, too. (so do I!!) Something about being able to cross out things is so satisfying!!