Thursday, December 4, 2008

Decking the Halls

I grew up in "Christmas Tree Town, U.S.A.". The thought of a fake tree just bugs me. I would NEVER buy a fake tree!

Until this year that is, when I realized that I was going to have to be the one to get it home and set it up and clean up all of the needles from the ground. And dispose of it when Christmas is over. It is so dry here that last year our tree was brown and dead before Christmas.

So, I went to Walmart and got a CHEAP pre-lit tree. Who wants to spend a ton of money when you're only using it for one year, right? I set it up in the living room and it looks fine in the dark :) It's cheesy, but it will get us through this year. It's just not the same without the Christmas tree smell.

I didn't even get the ornaments out this year. I still might, but I'm thinking it would be easier to just keep it as is. The kids made a bunch and I bought a few. Add in the candy canes and the little tree is pretty full already. Why unpack everything? Anyway, the box is on the top shelf of the arctic entry and is probably frozen solid :)

This year will definitely be different without Andy here. Not just the decorating. It's going to be strange celebrating it without him...


~~gail~~aka: mooselovingmamabear said...

Your tree looks really and the kids did a great job decorating it.

I'll have to have Karly get you some of those plug in's from Bath and Body Works where she works that smell like pine :-)

Christina said...

I feel you; we were a real-tree family growing up and I love my memories of cutting down our own. But.... 2 years ago we broke down and bought a nice fake tree at Home Depot. I have to say
1. It's easier
2. It's cleaner
3. It's easier
Hey, my mom only had two kids...

tina said...

(((hugs))) Jennifer. I think your tree looks lovely as it is. We'll be without a real tree this year, too & I'll miss the smell. Although, I won't miss having to replenish to water so often because the dog drinks from the reservoir. :P