Monday, November 3, 2008

Space is Fun!

The picture is a view out her rocket window :)

The girls decided on their own that they wanted to write papers about space. I did not guide or help them at all. I was surprised when they handed me their papers for approval. I am so proud of what they wrote! I hope you can read Kate's - she definitely needs some spelling practice :) You may need to click on the image to enlarge, since the writing is kind of small to read.

It just makes me so happy that they are interested enough in their science studies to want to work on projects on their own.

Today we talked about Uranus and Neptune and we will be learning about dwarf planets next.


Jess said...

You have a beautiful family.... and I love the art work on these pages!!

Do you put them all into a binder to save?? Or only save certain ones...?? ;0)

Have a great Monday!

Jennifer said...

We have notebooks for every subject (history, science, etc.) and then I have a portfolio for large pictures. Each kid has a rubbermaid "memory" box that I save special stuff in, but there is NO WAY I could save it all. I'd be buried in papers :)