Monday, November 17, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook #6

FOR TODAY November 17, 2008...
Outside my a layer of fresh snow.
I am thinking... that Christmas is going to come before I'm ready :)
I am thankful for... being born in the United States. We are listening to stories about Ancient India and the caste system. What a horrible thing to be born an Untouchable!
From the learning rooms...We're studying Ancient India in history and constellations in science.
From the kitchen... I will be heating up food I made earlier this month - Spaghetti tonight with some fresh rolls.
I am wearing...a t-shirt and black exercise pants.
I am creating...a Christmas dvd with our digital pictures.
I am dance class tonight if the kids feel well enough. Lexie, Nick, and Tori all have a bad cough and Ellie hurt her wrist last night playing some games in the gym. We might just stay home today.
I am reading... New Astronomer and learning about the constellations
I am hoping... that we can all be healthy at the same time. I 'm sick of the germs and coughs being passed around the house.
I am hearing... Story of the World Volume 1 - the sections on Ancient India.
Around the house... Hopefully I will finally get around to shoveling the snow today.
One of my favorite things... Cherry Limeades from Sonic. I sure wish I could get a huge Cherry Limeade up here in Alaska!!
A few plans for the rest of the week: a field trip to the Geophysical Institute at the University.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Thomas the Tank Engine - Nick's current favorite thing in the world :)

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Sharon said...

Hello, Jennifer!

I arrived here from Peggy's 'Simple Woman's Daybook' site -- today, you were listed just above my entry, and I've made a practice of visiting the site of that person ahead of me.

Boy I'm glad I did!! Let me encourage you today, as I observed the following - Be-a-u-tiful layout and colors and fonts - a real delight for the eyes -- and the same beauty in your family, and your care for them.

I will be praying for the germs, etc. to leave your home for a long while. I have been a single mom for the past 24 years, and know the difficulties in what you are undertaking. This time is very special in many ways, and the bonds with your children are the foundation for your future with them.... Blessings on your week,

~~gail~~aka: mooselovingmamabear said...

Ummmm, a Cherry Limeaid from Sonic...LOL I just heard about those this summer because a Sonic opened up about an hour away.

Have a great rest of the week with everything you have planned.

BTW, I posted a picture for you to see the "leaves" I didn't get raked either...LOL