Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs - A Thankful Heart

This week, you guessed it, is going to be about having a thankful heart! Yes, of course, we should always be thankful for everything we’re blessed with, but it’s not too often we actually sit and ponder what. This week please join me in writing 27 things you’re thankful (There’s got to be at least 27things!). I picked 27 because this year Thanksgiving is on the 27th of November.

I am thankful for:
1. My wonderful, loving, helpful, caring, husband. For always being there for me. For being such a good provider for our family. For being an incredible dad to our kids. For serving our country. For letting me stay home with the kids instead of making money :)
2. My super-smart, always-lovable, healthy, happy kids.
3. My treadmill and ipod - the combination of the two is so cool!!
4. A house full of food to fill our bellies.
5. A house big enough to fit our large family.
6. A reliable car that gets us around town.
7. Homeschooling. I love having my kids around every day.
8. Chocolate (I would be even more thankful if it were calorie-free!)
9. Books, books, and more books. And enough bookshelves too.
10. Having wonderful parents, brothers, and a sister.
11. Having great in-laws!
12. A warm house during the cold winter.
13. The opportunity to travel and live in different places.
14. The beauty of the surrounding landscape.
15. For our webcam so that we can talk to Andy - and see him :)
16. 5 quick, easy, drug-free labors and deliveries.
17. For my kids' goofiness. It can always bring a smile to my face.
18. Unanswered prayers.
19. A happy, easy baby. Tori is such a joy!
20. The Christmas season.
21. Our great country and all of the wonderful opportunities we have here that others don't.
22. The ability to type quickly. Otherwise I'd be on the computer a lot longer...
23. For the friends we've made in everyplace we've lived.
24. The safety of my husband and the rest of the soldiers in his unit.
25. My robe that my sister made me (I love you Andrea!)
26. Movie night with my family
27. Nature walks/hikes (when it's not below zero of course!)


KarenW said...

Great list! I love having my kids around all day too. I hope you have had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

tina said...

Amen to 18! :) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!