Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Magazine # 2: Dig

Ellie read another 30 books. Actually she's read much more than that, but we have actually recorded 30 books to turn in to the school for the magazine subscription she has earned. This time, she chose Dig.

Why didn't I get this magazine when I was a kid?? She has long wanted to be an archaeologist (or a fashion designer), so this one is right up her alley. Maybe she'll be a fashionable archaeologist someday?

Anyway, this magazine is filled with the latest scoop on archaeology and ancient civilizations around the world - especially for kids 9 and up. The articles are exciting and interesting - not boring and not dumbed-down. No twaddle here! No ads either! :)

Ellie often re-reads them and I find them laying around the house. I take that as a good sign that she really likes it.

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