Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tornado Warning

The house looks like a tornado hit.

I have dishes to do, clothes to wash, floors to clean, windows to wipe, clothes to put away, bathrooms to clean, papers to grade and file, and toys everywhere.

Yes, I have officially let things go. I would post pictures, but it would be embarrassing.

I have decided that it is more important to spend this time with Andy while he's here. As soon as he leaves we'll have a huge cleaning day and put the house back in order and get caught up on schoolwork. We've skipped dance classes this week and are just enjoying each other's company...

On that note, I'm off to play trains with Andy and Nick :)


Christina said...

Sometimes we all let it go. I love the new layout, especially the font.

Family G said...

Enjoy the time and worry about a clean house later.

Love your new layout, too!!!