Sunday, September 7, 2008

That's amore!

When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie
That's amore!
When the world seems to shine
Like you've had too much wine
That's amore!

Ok, so when I got this birthday present from Andy's parents in the mail,
that's what song kept playing through my head :)

Have you ever had a chocolate pizza?
Two good things that are great when made as one!

I have to admit that I was absolute terrified when I opened the box that
this was packed in.

In the top of the box were soggy manila envelopes. Yikes!!

I thought that maybe there was something important in them.

Thankfully, they were full of ice packs to keep the pizza from melting :)

Unfortunately, this showed up at my house when I was in the middle of
baking 300 cookies (as I posted before).

I was not in a chocolate-eating mood.

So, it sat in my kitchen until today when the kids BEGGED to have a
slice of pizza.

I decided that I could wait no longer.

We each had a slice and YUM was it good!! That's amore!

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