Friday, August 29, 2008

Thomas and Friends

Nick has recently fallen in love with Thomas the Tank Engine.

I bought him a few of the small, die-cast engines and he has been playing with them constantly.

The first thing he says in the morning is "Where are my trains?" and then he's off to play find them.

Now, whenever we are on the way to the store, he says "We have to buy all of the engines, Mommy!" I think it's adorable, but not adorable enough for me to go out and buy them all. Maybe at Christmas....

The one thing I have been wanting to get for him is one of those small rugs with roads and houses on them. I checked Walmart and Fred Meyer without any luck. Today while I was in Home Depot getting some paint, I walked around while they were mixing it for me. What did I find in the carpet aisle??? Just what I was looking for! This one even had train tracks along with the roads. Perfect!

We put it in his bedroom, in hopes that he will sit and play with his trains and cars there (instead of the kitchen counter, table, couch, etc.). We'll see if it actually works.

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Family G said...

Our Nicolas used to LOVE Thomas & Friends, too, and we have huge collection. Now it's just sitting in boxes. But especially the wooden trainset is worth keeping for the next generation. ;)