Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sticky Mosaics

No TV channels and we're already having a great time! The girls are busy tonight doing "sticky mosaics". They are kind of like paint-by-numbers but with little foam stickers that go onto numbered squares. Easy, but fun. We got the "princess" version in the mail today and they couldn't wait to start! The girls (4, 6, and 9) are all happily listening to music and quietly working on them together. They are excited about their masterpieces and want to hang them on the wall somewhere.

Nick is busy dancing and throwing a ball around the office. At least he's finally staying out of the art carts and leaving them alone :)

I found more versions that I would like to try later - it really is keeping them happy, busy, and quiet. Those three things don't always happen all at the same time! I am thinking that they might be good to have on hand for a little girl's birthday present also. We have another version with famous Roman Art that we will be doing along with our Ancient Rome studies this year. That is how I initially found them :)

I really am trying to get better about having arts and crafts for them to work on (besides crayons and paper!)

Straight from Kate: "Mom, this is much more better than watching TV!" I'm glad that they think it's more better :)

This is what they have been listening to while working:

When we lived in Monterey, we often saw her peforming at the library or some sort of children's event. She was really good with kids during her programs and her music is so nice to listen to.

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